In, 2012 when the White Sox signed Cuban first baseman Jose Abreu to a 6-year contract, the Red Sox were one of four teams that missed out.

Former GM Ben Cherington, reacted badly to this miss and signed Rusney Castillo.

Now four years into that contract, there are rumors swirling around Abreu and the potential that he could be traded. More recent reports have tagged the Red Sox as a team that is involved in active talks.

Our own Twitter account confirmed the same activity:

Abreu would provide Dombrowski with the power bat he has been craving. Over his past four seasons, he’s averaged .301 / 33 HR / 108 RBI / .803 – all of those stats top the Red Sox first basemen over that time span.

Now in order to acquire Abreu, I’m guessing the Red Sox would have to deal at least JBJ and potentially Hanley, who has one year left on his four year contract. This situation could be a potential contract for contract swap.

Add in Michael Chavis, which is a high cost, but could yield a payoff of allowing the Red Sox to acquire JD Martinez via free agency.

Think of this as a potential Red Sox 2018 lineup:

With Hanley:

Xander, Benintendi, Mookie, Abreu, Devers, Martinez, Hanley, Vazquez, Hernandez


Xander, Benintendi, Mookie, Abreu, Devers, Martinez, Vazquez, Hernandez, (DH)

Not bad right?