December 14th Winter Meetings Update

There’s been a whirlwind of activity so far this week, which is every baseball fan’s dream. It’s been mostly quiet on the Sox front, but keep in mind, Dave Dombrowski is known for his huge off season acquisitions. Here’s what we know so far, concerning the Red Sox targets: •Giancarlo Stanton and Marcel Ozuna are off the board, and it doesn’t sound like the Sox … Continue reading December 14th Winter Meetings Update

Red Sox Extensions Coming?

It was seven years ago today, that the Red Sox and former GM, Theo Epstein announced the contract extension of Adrian Gonzalez to a seven-year $154 million deal. Sadly, for the Red Sox and Gonzalez, he was part of the purging of 2012 that saw himself, Josh Beckett, Carl Crawford, and Nick Punto sent to the LA Dodgers. Now let’s take a prospective look at … Continue reading Red Sox Extensions Coming?

Scott Boras Holds Red Sox Cards

Photo Credit: CBS Sports While many teams have made moves to improve their team’s respective rosters, the Red Sox have yet to make any significant deals. After the Yankees struck a deal for Giancarlo Stanton, fans are craving for Dombrowski to counter. Dombrowski said last night, while appearing on MLB Network, that he would like to have already have made his moves to improve the roster. … Continue reading Scott Boras Holds Red Sox Cards

Red Sox Will Meet With JD Martinez Tonight

There were rumors released earlier today that JD Martinez was asked to meet alone with an unspecified team. It was confirmed by Jon Heyman that the Red Sox are that team. JD Martinez is expected to meet with the Red Sox and others when he arrives in Orlando. — Jon Heyman (@JonHeyman) December 12, 2017 The Red Sox have made it very clear that they … Continue reading Red Sox Will Meet With JD Martinez Tonight

Hot Takes: Winter Meetings Primer

With the Winter Meetings beginning with a bang, it is likely life, or death, for the Red Sox 2018 season. As we all know, a certain player on the Marlins not named Dee Gordon has been traded. I based my entire early off-season plan to fix the lineup woes around completing the same transaction the Yankees completed. This was almost overnight for the Yankees and … Continue reading Hot Takes: Winter Meetings Primer

Caution: Winter Meetings Rumors are Speculation

Many baseball fans are intently watching MLBNetwork or NESN, or reading the countless media sources covering the Winter Meetings. Some fans are looking for their team to make a splash, while Red Sox fans look to counter the shocking trade of Giancarlo Stanton to the Yankees. Rumors are exciting and stimulate the baseball world, however validity must be checked. For example, recently there were rumors … Continue reading Caution: Winter Meetings Rumors are Speculation

JBJ on the Block and Rightfully So

In 2013, when the Sox last clinched a World Series banner to add to the prolificacy of Title Town, U.S.A., Jackie Bradley Jr. played a small, if not meager role: 97 at bats, 31 strikeouts, 10 walks and 10 batted in. In 2014, he was handed the center field position after feel-good story Grady Sizemore hit .216 over 52 games. Bradley responded by showing more … Continue reading JBJ on the Block and Rightfully So