Red Sox Need Bullpen Help


As the trade deadline approaches, third base isn’t the only position that the Red Sox are in need of


The Red Sox need to make some moves before the trade deadline, that’s obvious.  What is more important though, third base or bullpen arms?  It just depends on who you ask.  If you ask most fans this question, they will reply third base in a heartbeat.  I would have to disagree.

Okay, do I think the Sox need a third baseman?  For sure.  But, if I was the Red Sox GM, I would focus on getting a reliever first. We do have, arguably, the best closer in baseball, but we need more.

Injuries are a bit of a problem right now.  Joe Kelly.  Blaine Boyer.  We need another guy to take the pressure off Joe Kelly.  He can’t pitch every night.  We need someone to take the pressure off of him.  That is why I like the Frazier/Robertson rumor.  I would like that trade.  Frazier would add some power to the lineup and Robertson would take pressure off some guys in the ‘pen.

Another guy that I would like to get is Pat Neshek. He is another guy who can take pressure of Kelly and get the job done in the bullpen. He would be a blessing for the Sox.

Let’s hope the Sox front office can make the right moves to put this team in a good position to be ready for the postseason. If we can get one solid guy in the ‘pen, that would be great. Let’s see what happens.