Another Long Extra Inning Game Last Night

The Red Sox played in another extremely long extra inning game last night against the Blue Jays

The Sox are making it seem like they love playing in long extra inning games. Counting last night’s game and Saturday’s night game, the Sox have played 13 more innings that they shouldn’t have had to.

Playing in all of these extra innings isn’t good for the team.  They don’t have a day off until next Thursday, which is going to feel like a long time for them.  They need a day off as soon as possible, so they can get all of their energy back.  I realize they just had the All-Star break, but you can’t tell me they aren’t exhausted from playing in those late extra inning games.

I am going to be honest, I fell asleep on them last night.  They didn’t get done until 1 in the morning.  With the rain delay plus the extra innings, it was a long night.  I am going to guess I wasn’t the only fan to fall asleep on them.

I was expecting them to be really sluggish in tonight’s game, but they proved me wrong.  They jumped on the Blue Jays right out of the gate scoring 4 runs in the 2nd inning.  Pomeranz picked up his 10th win and the Sox went on to win 5-1 putting them 3 games up in the division.

The only bad thing to happen tonight was Pedroia’s 114 game streak of not committing an error ending tonight.  That is beyond impressive and I hated to see that come to an end.

Let’s hope the Sox can keep these upcoming games at 9 innings and nothing more. Let’s also hope they continue to build on their division lead and keep winning.