Another Rough Outing for Fister

Doug Fister is going to have to start performing better if he wants to keep playing with the Red Sox

Today, Doug Fister picked up his fourth loss since the Sox picked him up.  He didn’t do too well giving up 7 hits, 6 runs, and 4 walks.  He has to start doing better if he wants to stay in Boston.

Not even counting today’s game, Fister has an ERA of 6.75.  He’s not even walking that many guys.  He’s just getting shelled each and every start.  I guess it could be a little early to start saying the Sox need to get rid of Fister.

I’m willing to give Doug a couple more starts to give him a chance to redeem/prove himself.  In some of his games, I realize that his offense isn’t helping him out that much. That’s been a problem for the Red Sox.

The Red Sox offense hasn’t been able to back their pitchers in a lot of games this season. Rick Porcello will go 8 innnings and they will end up losing 1-0 and then everybody goes after Porcello saying it’s his fault.  A game that really sticks out to me is in last Saturday’s game when Sale was absolutely phenomenal.  He had 13 strikeouts and rarely gave up hits, but then the offense wouldn’t back him up.  They really need to start getting runs for their pitchers.  I can’t even imagine how frustrated the pitchers must be.

I’m hoping Fister gets it turned around and starts producing for the Sox.  I’m also hoping that the offense will start to back their pitchers up and score runs more consistently. This team won’t be successful if we can’t do that.  I believe in them though and I believe that they will start to score runs consistently.

Tomorrow starts the series against the Angels.  They play three games against them, then they go on to play three in Seattle.  You know what that means.. It means the games won’t get done until like 2 a.m., but the way the games have been going, the games won’t get done until 4 a.m. Good luck to everyone trying to stay up for these games this week. Let’s hope we can all do it.