JBJ is Making a Strong Case for a Gold Glove Award

JBJ is making outstanding plays in the outfield almost every night and is making a strong case for winning a Gold Glove this year

Jackie Bradley Jr. made yet another outstanding play in the outfield tonight against the Angels.  He has proved to everyone in the league that he is Gold Glove worthy.

JBJ hasn’t won a Gold Glove in his career.  He has been snubbed in the past years and deserved to win,  but didn’t.  He has done everything so far this year to show that he deserves to win a Gold Glove.

JBJ has played 711 innings this year in the outfield.  He’s had 190 putouts and has a fielding percentage of .990.  Okay, I know that most of the balls that come his way are routine, but what about the catches where he runs a mile to make the play?

He has made A TON of highlight plays this season.  Some of the more popular ones include the catch in Oakland, robbing Ryon Healy of a walk-off.  Another more recent one is the catch on Sunday Night Baseball against the Yankees when he robbed Aaron Judge of a home run in the deepest part of the field.  If you watch these plays, he doesn’t even look human.

The thing that sticks out most to me is him catching these so nonchalantly and acting like they are no big deal.  He doesn’t even get hyped up about it.  I saw the other night that his dad told him he wasn’t even surprised that he robbed Judge on Sunday Night Baseball. WHAT?? I mean, if I was him and I made those catches against Healy and Judge, I would be screaming and jumping up and down.  JBJ doesn’t do that though.  He just catches the ball and throws it in like it was a routine fly.  It looks like he expects to make every catch in the outfield.

If Jackie Bradley doesn’t get a Gold Glove this year, I will be furious.  I would have just gave him the award after robbing Aaron Judge last week.  The dude’s a monster.  I have all the trust in the world in him on defense.  If it comes near him, I know he has it. Everyone else should think the same.