The Red Sox Owe Dennis Eckersley an Apology

A new report elaborates on the incident between David Price and Dennis Eckersley and let me tell you, I am embarrassed for the Boston Red Sox organization

A new report published by Dan Shaughnessy, of the Boston Globe, describes the incident that occurred on the team airplane last month.

In this report, it says that Price was upset about something that Eck said on an NESN broadcast one night about Eduardo Rodriguez.  Rodriguez’s stats from his rehab start were shown on the broadcast and Eck said, “Yuck.”  Price did not appreciate what Eck had to say about this.  It is also said that Price wasn’t a fan of Eck in the first place.

The report stated that the night that Eck made the comment about E-Rod, Price stood in the middle of the team airplane and waited on Eck to make his way back to his seat.  When Eckersley appeared, Price shouted, “Here he is – the greatest pitcher who ever lived!  This game is easy for him!”  Eckersley was shocked and started to reply back to Price, but Price interrupted him and yelled, “Get the f*** out of here!”  After Price shouted this, some of the Red Sox players started to applaud.

When I read this I was furious.  If this report is true and accurate, I believe that this behavior was completely out of line for Price. Eckersley is a Hall of Famer who had an outstanding career.  In my mind Price had no right to talk to him the way he did.  I feel like Eck deserves to be shown some respect.  Eck tells it like it is and doesn’t say things just to say them.  He is a guy who has been around the game for a long time and knows a lot about baseball. Eck was right about E-Rod’s rehab start stat line.  It wasn’t good.  Anyone with common knowledge on baseball knows that it wasn’t good.

After this incident, it is said that Price met with Dombrowski and Farrell and things were handled.  It is also said that Eckersley has spoken with Red Sox organization members over the situation.  Eck and Price have both refused to comment on the situtation, so there is no way to know what has been done, but in the report by Shaughnessy, people close to Eck say that he hasn’t received an apology from anyone in the Red Sox organization.

The fact that NO ONE in the Red Sox organization hasn’t apologized to Eck  makes me mad and disappoints me.  It is absolutely ridiculous that no one, not even manager, John Farrell has apologized to Eck about what happened.  This is one moment that I am feeling embarrassed to be a Red Sox fan.

In my mind, this whole incident says one thing to me about this Red Sox team.  It’s that this team is soft. They can’t take any criticism or they whine and go after Hall of Famers.  Someone needs to apologize to Eck.  He was just doing his job and gave his opinion and gets treated like crap.  The Red Sox need to clean up this mess soon.