Devers Set to Make MLB Debut Tonight

Rafael Devers is making his MLB debut tonight against the Seattle Mariners

Rafael Devers is in the starting lineup tonight against the Mariners playing third base and batting ninth.

These next few days will tell us what the Red Sox should do before the deadline.  If Devers absolutely sucks and doesn’t perform well at all, then the Sox front office bettter make a move.  If he is lights out, maybe third base isn’t that big of an issue.

In my opinion, I would go ahead and try to trade for a decent third baseman no matter what.  I mean, what if Devers does great for a week then he gets injured or just sucks?  To be safe, I would get another third baseman just in case.

I’ve heard some rumors today about the Sox being interested in Cincinnati Reds All-Star shortstop, Zack Cozart.  This would be a HUGE trade for the Sox.  This would mean Bogaerts would have to bump over and play third base, which he has had experience at.

Cozart would be an amazing acquisition for the Red Sox.  Not only is he an outstanding fielder, he also has a pretty good bat.  He has a batting average of .318, 12 home runs, and a slugging percentage of .570.  He could add power to the lineup which is something they need badly.

I’m ready to see what Devers can do tonight.  I’m hoping he can do what he was doing in the minors in the majors.  He definitely is making a big jump starting the season in Double-AA, but I think he is ready for it.