Sox aquire Eduardo Núñez from the Giants

The Red Sox trade two minor league pitching prospects for Giants third baseman Eduardo Núñez

Last night during the LONG game against the Mariners, it was reported that the Red Sox had aquired Eduardo Núñez from the San Francisco Giants.

My initial reaction was, “Oh gosh, who did Dombo give up?” and I am pretty sure everyone thought this too.  He has a reputation of giving away top prospects.  It turned out that he only gave away two minor league pitchers, Shaun Anderson and Gregory Santos.

Núñez is having a decent year with the Giants having a batting average of .308, a slugging percentage of .417, and a OPS of .752.

Do I like this trade?  Yes and no. The part that I like about it is now we have insurance in case Devers falls through.  I just don’t think Núñez is much better than what we have at third now.  He won’t add much power to the lineup which is what I think we need.

I think we HAVE to make a bigger splash by the deadline. We need a guy that hits for power and can help the Sox win a championship. We have plenty of options at third base now, I just don’t know if it’s the best options that we could have.  I expect Dombrowski to make another move before the deadline.  Let’s hope he makes the right move.