The Red Sox Lineup Needs an Upgrade

I don’t care what anyone else says, the Red Sox lineup needs a major upgrade

The Red Sox need to trade for a guy who hits the ball consistently and hits for power and Eduardo Núñez isn’t the answer.

The Sox need to make a move.  If I’m Dave Dombrowski, I would be on the phone right now trying to get a guy who can contribute to the lineup in a big way.  I’ve seen some things on Twitter about Dombo saying that he’s done making offensive moves.  I don’t get that at all.  Is he watching the same team as I am?

I’m going to throw some stats at you..  In home runs, the Red Sox rank 27th in the MLB. In slugging percentage, the Sox rank 26th in the MLB.  In OPS, the Sox rank 20th.  Does Dombrowski really think he can win a World Series or make a deep run in the playoffs when the team is ranked that low in those three categories?

Everyone that says we need another reliever, you’re right, we do.  But, we need a better hitter first.  If we don’t get another power hitter, we aren’t going to win, so what good will another reliever do?  Anyone with any knowledge about baseball would say that we need an upgrade in the lineup.

Here’s a crazy idea, how about you try to trade for a reliever and a power hitter??  We still have time to do that.  There are plenty of guys that we can go after and get as a rental.

With that all being said, Dombrowski needs to pick up the phone and start looking for some players that fit their needs.  He has until Monday, so he needs to pick up his phone now.