With last night’s win, the Red Sox extended their winning streak to 7 games.   They also are now leading the AL East by 4 games.  It is safe to say that the team is pretty hot right now and are showing what they are capable of

The Red Sox have been red hot lately.  Everything has been clicking.  The lineup, the pitching, the bullpen.  Everything has been phenomenal.  I am just hoping they can keep this going.  Last time they were on a winning streak like this, they started losing a bunch of games.  It has just been a pretty inconsistent season for this team.  Maybe they turned it around and they are going to play like this the rest of the season.  I hope so.  They are finally playing like they are capable of.  If they can play like this in the playoffs, I really do like their chances of making a deep run in the postseason.

Chris Sale had another great start in last night’s game.  Sale had 13 strikeouts, 0 runs, and only gave up 2 hits.  The dude is phenomenal.  Last night’s game marked his 15th game striking out at least 10 batters.  The only guy that is ahead of him in that category in Red Sox history is Pedro Martinez.  Pedro had 19 games with at least 10 strikeouts in the 1999 season.  Sale can break Pedro’s record this season and I think he will.  The dude has just had an UNBELIEVABLE season and shows no sign of stopping.

The Red Sox are looking to extend the winning streak to 8 games tonight as they face the Rays.  Rick Porcello is on the mound tonight. He has had a pretty rough year and the last time he pitched against the Rays, he didn’t get any run support.  Let’s hope the Sox can back Ricky P tonight and keep playing like they have been.