Rafael Devers comes in clutch for the Red Sox last night in the ninth inning of their game against the Yanks

Last night was stressful.  With the teams being close in the division, the Red Sox needed a win badly.

I wasn’t able to watch the game last night, but I was following the game on my phone.  I thought we were going to be safe considering Chris Sale was on the mound.  He pitched well only giving up one run and fanning 12 batters.  It was a pretty slow game with neither team hitting the ball that well.  Once we were down 2-1, I turned on the radio broadcast of the game.  When Devers came up in the ninth, I can honestly say that I had faith in him.  I was standing in a pretty big crowd walking out of a concert last night when Devers hit his home run.  When he hit it, I lost it and started yelling.  The people around me looked at me like I was a complete idiot.  Rafael Devers proved to everyone that he is a big deal last night.  I mean, he’s still a kid.  The dude had braces on not that long ago.  If I was that young, stepping in the box against Chapman would probably make me piss my pants.  Devers didn’t do that at all.  He hit a bomb.  I mean, wow.

Knowing that the game was probably going to go into extra innings, I was pretty confident considering the Sox have been in like a thousand extra inning games this year.  I was pretty nervous when Addison Reed was in there though.  I am starting to get worried about him.  But, he wasn’t in there long before Kimbrel came in.  We were able to shut the Yanks down in the ninth and move on to extras.  The Sox loaded the bases up for Andrew Benintendi and he hit an RBI single to put the Sox ahead.  The Sox again shut down the Yankees in the 10th to win the game.

With last night’s win, the Red Sox are now up 5.5 games in the AL East.  In their last 11 games, the team has been 10-1.  That is the best record in the last 11 games in the MLB. The Red Sox are pretty hot right now and I’m hoping they can keep it rolling.  And if you guys are having a bad day and haven’t seen this video of a Yankees fan going from on top of the world to depressed in a matter of seconds because of Rafael Devers’ home run, you can watch the video below.