If you need a good laugh and haven’t read Pablo Sandoval’s article about going back home to San Francisco, I suggest you do so

If you haven’t read this piece of garbage of Pablo’s, go read it before reading this.

I just want to start off by saying that I literally laughed while reading this piece of crap. Pablo is begging for attention from the Giants fans.  Giants fans need to realize that Pablo left because he was a greedy player.  He wanted the money and didn’t care where he played.  He didn’t care about winning at all.  He just wanted the money.  He said right after signing with the Sox that he wasn’t going to miss the San Francisco.  He was just going to miss a couple of guys.  GIANTS FANS, THE DUDE LEFT YOU AND SAID HE WASN’T GOING TO MISS YOU GUYS AT ALL. I wouldn’t forgive Pablo Sandoval if he came crawling back to me begging for forgiveness.  Look at what he said as soon as he left the Giants.

Let’s start breaking this down by paragraph..  In the first paragraph, Pablo says it was one o’clock in the morning when he received the call from his manager that he was getting called up.  The Giants were in desperate need of a third baseman.

He then goes to say in the next paragraph that he went numb and all this other nonsense. He said he started crying and got all emotional.  He made this up.  He doesn’t care.  He just wants to get paid.

Pablo says a little later in the paragraph that he did everything in his power to get back with the Giants.  No he didn’t.  The San Francisco Giants felt bad for him and picked him up.

He says in the next few paragraphs about how he called his fiancee and started crying and was all emotional.  I call bull crap.  He doesn’t care about baseball.  The dude proved that in Boston.

Later in the article, he said how he was sorry and all this other crap for leaving the way he did and how he didn’t mean what he said when he left the Giants.  That’s some more BS.  He was just happy he was getting paid a ton of money by the Red Sox and didn’t care about the Giants.

It all comes down to him being lazy.  It’s not like I hated Pablo right off the get-go.  I was pumped when we got him.  But, he was just the laziest player ever.  He had no work ethic.  I’m just glad the Sox got rid of him.