Chris Sale has had a great season so far with the Red Sox, but on Thursday night against Cleveland he got clobbered. For some reason he has a hard time against the Indians and that could be worrisome come October. Chris Sale has never pitched in a playoff game so if the Red Sox do play Cleveland in the ALDS hopefully he can pitch like an ace, like he does to every other team.

Chris Sale is a type of pitcher with an attidue the Red Sox desperately needed after getting nothing out of 31million dollar pitcher David Price. Sale hates to lose and puts the blame on him after the game as well. Sale is also a potential American League CY Young Contender, and possibly American League MVP.

His stats against the Indians this year are horrendous, Sale has a 14.63 ERA in eight innings against the Indians. Thursday night Sale just threw 67 pitches a season low in the 13-6 loss. Sale said after the game that they definitely have his number and this need to change which is obvious.

With that loss Chris Sale is still 14-6 with a 2.88 ERA for the season. It’s just concerning what’s in store when these two teams play in October if were going to have a repeat of last year, dominant Chris Sale like we’ve seen all year pretty much.