This weekend’s matchup between Boston and New York is a big one. As of today the lead is 3.5 games in favor of the Red Sox for first in the AL East.  The Red Sox Yankees rivalry  bas been quiet in recent years, but with this young talent it’s picking back up again.

In the 15 games so far the Red Sox and Yankees have faced this season, the Red Sox are 7-8, and 3-3 on the road at Yankee Stadium. Being at Yankee Stadium could be a little tougher for the Red Sox but they should at least split this 4-game series.

The pitching matchup one that I’ll project is Edurado Rodriguez, goes Thursday, Doug Fister goes Friday, Drew Pomeranz goes Saturday, and ace Chris Sale goes Sunday. Now taking from that rotation it’s a little concerning because you have your ace pitching Sunday, and two  pitchers who got their doors blown off in their last start against Baltimore. Rodriguez, and Fister  combined for 12 hits, 7 earned runs, and 14 strikeouts in their last start.

Again it’s concerning considering where the Red Sox are at in the standings. You have Sale going tonight in Toronto, then Porcello going tommorow night. If you’re the Red Sox you make sure you sweep Toronto and get as much ahead of the Yankees as you can, because this weekend series starting Thursday night will be no cakewalk. This is crunch time as we head into September and you know what the Red Sox are best at? September collapses. I’m not saying this is going to happen but if the Red Sox fall out of first place it might be hard for them to get back in it.

I do see the Red Sox hopefully splitting this series with the Yankees at least. They have the offense with Nunez, and Devers, but the pitching has to deliver