Back on September 24, 2016 — The Red Sox are in the midst of a 9 game winning streak as they march on towards the AL East title. Trailing 3-2 in the 7th inning with the bases loaded and 2 outs, Pedroia makes his way to homeplate. In typical fashion, he makes the pitcher work, this time it is Danny Farquhar. 8 pitch battle. The last pitching being a sinking down and in 86 mph change up…. Surely he chased it and grounded it to an infielder? Not exactly. With a crack of the bat, the ball goes on a screaming dare I say “Laser”, that lands in the 2nd row of left center field. 4 runs score on one swing, it is now 6-3. And that ended up being the final score, 10 game winning streak and Porcello gets his 22nd win of his Cy Young Season.

Including playoffs, it has been 142 games since Red Sox fans have been able to revel in such a feat. Yes grand slams happen pretty much every day. But day by day by day, it is becoming a myth, pure fantasy. You’ve heard the stories, like last night a guy by the name of Scott Schebler for the rebuilding Reds slugged one as they routed the Mets in a 14 run outburst. On June 4 of this year was a record setting day as seven, I repeat SEVEN, grand slams were hit.

The Sox being the only team in baseball to not have accomplished this, is an outlier of 2 things. Their sudden power outage, and inability this season to hit with RISP. The team’s BA of bases loaded .269 is 18th overall, but at same time, the 12 teams below them have combined to mash 36 grand slams!! It’s an absolute anomaly. Is Chili Davis on the hot seat? In a recent game, the cameras kept focusing on him. Salty recanted how much of a clutch hitter that he was back in the day. The team as a whole ranks 5th in baseball with RISP batting avg of 276. That is skewed as it is mainly that high because of Pedroia & Betts. Together they are 73 for 197 (.371 avg) 20 Doubles, 4 HRs, 38 Walks, 103 RBIs. I’d put Hanley’s stats in, but my hands would start to tremor. Let’s just say, they are subpar for $22 million he’s getting.

Last yr they connected for 6 grand slams, and that includes the Brock Star, Brock Holt having his own. Still over a month left of baseball. Their first one could end up being a walkoff postseason grand slam, or a sudden grand slam off of the bat of Tzu-Wei Lin. To that everyone would say, that’s baseball for you.