As the possible postseason berth inches closer and closer for the Red Sox, a question is glaring at them. Who will they start behind the plate for the ALDS or worst case scenario the play-in game? The two options are Christian Vazquez and Sandy Leon. While both are viable options, I think one stands out more than the other.

To me the guy to go with has to be Christian Vazquez. Vazquez has become the unsung hero for the Red Sox, and once again that was apparent the other night in Toronto. Hitting close to .300 (.294 to be exact) he is starting to crush the ball all around. Even to the point where Farrell wants him in the lineup every day. He had some quote about that the other day, I don’t remember it exactly but it was to the point where his bat is as valuable as his arm.

Don’t get me wrong Sandy Leon is a valuable piece of the puzzle for the Sox. But does the knee of Leon make me wary. It scares me, Sandy is a good player and a great locker room guy in my opinion. Playing hurt is great in all but in the games the important games coming up mean there are no awards for playing hurt. Leon should try to get healthy, take multiple games off down the stretch and become the big time hero when needed. Remember as Jared Carrabis says “he is the only active hall of famer”.

Blake Swihart is your utility option, hes the third guy. Theres is ZERO chance he even sneaks into this conversation. Better luck next year Blake.

Vazquez has the potential to be a franchise catcher for this team. He could be the guy for years to come. As long as he stays healthy and continues to gun guys down at second then hes got the job. The bat has majorly come alive, the time is his. The Vazquez era behind the plate coming to a NESN station near you this October.