My question is “What would John Farrell do?” in regards to David Price?  He’s scheduled to begin throwing off a mound tomorrow (Wednesday 8/30) and if all goes well could see work before the end of the season!  As much as I personally dislike the guy….having him for the playoffs in ANY capacity will be HUGE!

Rumor has it that he my be used as a long man out of the bullpen, which I’m all-in on! He had that kinda role with the Rays, so it’s not like he’s never done it before, and let’s face it….the pen isn’t exactly lights out on a regular basis.  If he’s almost back to normal, he can be a long man to bridge to Kimbrel if the starter gets beat around and needs to be removed.

Right now in a 5 game series I’d like the Sox chances against anyone!  With a 3 man rotation of Sale, Pomeranz and E-Rod/Porcello?  Yeah that works for me.

Devers seems to have stopped the leak at 3rd base, and having Brock Holt playing 2nd until Pedey (hopefully) gets back to a point where he can contribute and make a difference.

In closing, there’s one month left to go in the season and if you would have told me in late April that we’d have a guy from Portland starting AND CONTRIBUTING at 3rd base, along with someone playing as good as Nunez is right now….basically a low risk-high reward kind of move for DD!

With all the inner turmoil and crap that went on between the press and the team this season….if they win the division and can beat a team or two in the playoffs?  That will exceed the expectations of a lot of fans who thought we would be mired in the cellar most of the season!

Love that dirty water!