Logos are seemingly everywhere throughout Major League Baseball. Whether it be the symbol for NewEra, UnderArmor, Nike, or other products, a logo can represent a brand and captivate an audiences attention.

Throughout baseball, fans relate to their logos and almost claim them as their own. The Red Sox are trademarked with their hat design with a simple “B” on the front. Though the design is so simple, fans relate to it. It is viewed as more than a letter, but it embodies entire fan bases.

Boston Strong is a phrase, but it is captured through the B on the front of the hat and runs deep into the heart of Red Sox Nation.

Empirical Designs

They are a graphic design agency located in NYC. Their mission is to provide clients with compelling graphics that ensure their brand will stand out from the rest of the crowd.

They specialize in creating professional logo design, branding, apparel, merchandise, album art, press kits, advertisements, and marketing materials for physical and digital media.

We are pleased to welcome Empirical Designs as a partner of ours, as they will be designing our new site logo. Be on the lookout for their excellent work, as they have done designs for Barstool Sports and even professional athletes, such as Orioles’ outfielder Adam Jones.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Obj4ktxM8JY]

Check out their work on Twitter (@Empirical_Inc), or via their website www.empircaldesigns.net