I think it’s safe to say that this is a gigantic series for the Sox as far as putting distance between them and the rest of the division (mainly the yankees).  Dropping game 1 to a pitcher like Sabbathia is not ideal, but not necessarily unexpected either.  CC is a great pitcher and should be throwing games like that most trips out there.  E-Rod did okay, but I definitely didn’t expect the Sox to have their bats go as cold as they did.  Again….a worry that isn’t going away!

Tonight is the time for “Mister Fister” and coming off a CG, 1 hitter against possibly the best team in the AL his last time out….I’m not expecting him to have a repeat performance, because that would be unrealistic!  If there’s one thing that Red Sox fans are, it’s that we are a group of realists with realistic expectations!

On another topic, when did it become an issue for Eduardo Nunez to bunt in the first inning?  CC was quite critical in his comments postgame about Nunez bunting and to be honest, it just sounded like an overweight man whining about having to exert himself physically.  Jim Rice had it right when he said to back away from the table, lose some weight and focus on pitching.

Writing this during the game….Judge just doubled to make it 1-0

Again, CC is a grown man and when you openly complain to the media about having to come off the mound and make a play on a bunt IN THE FIRST INNING, then you deserve all the arrows that are slung your way.  To say Jim Rice is bitter is dead wrong.  If anything, he’s honest and sick of listening to a millionaire who gets paid to pitch every 5 days complaining about one of the things that you do when you’re on the mound.  It wasn’t a no-hitter….or a perfect game, so there was all the reason in the world for him to lay down a bunt there.  Okay….I’m done with that!

Pedey is finally back and hopefully his bat can provide some life for the offense and maybe (I’ll admit, I’ve said a prayer) for Xander to get out of whatever kind of funk he has been in since the all-star break.  He’s just killing opportunities left and right out there between errors at short to taking 3rd strike calls.  It looks like he’s lost out there.

All we can do is hope right now that at 4.5 games up that they can right the ship!

Gotta love September!