Just about every Boston Red Sox fan is in complete panic mode after last night’s loss to the Yankees.  I know it is stressful, but relax, it’s going to be fine

I am going to be honest, I was panicking after the Baltimore Orioles series.  I thought that this team was going to start losing a bunch of games and the season was going to go down the toilet.  But, then they headed up to Toronto and swept the Blue Jays.  I then realized that this team is going to be fine.  Just look at the team’s schedule for the month of September.

After last night’s loss against the Yankees, the Red Sox are still up 3.5 games.  Fans should feel comfortable about this lead.  Let me tell you why.  The Red Sox play Toronto (6 games), Tampa (6 games), Oakland (3 games), Baltimore (3 games), Cincinnati (3 games), and Houston (4 games) the rest of the season.  The Yankees play Baltimore (7 games), Texas (3 games), Tampa (6 games), Minnesota (3 games), Toronto (6 games), and Kansas City (1 game) the rest of the season.  The Red Sox have a bit of an easier schedule the rest of the season.  The Yankees, though, have a couple of tough series’.

I also like the Red Sox finishing the season up against a tougher team, the Houston Astros.  This series can give them a lot of confidence.  The Astros have the best record in the AL, so if the Sox can take this series, this will gain their confidence going into the postseason.

Here is a stat that should make Red Sox fans comfortable.  According to Fangraphs.com, the Red Sox have a 87.8% chance to win the division.  The Yankees have a 11.9% chance to win the division.  This should make you feel comfortable if you are a Red Sox fan.

I know this time of year is really stressful.  Especially after last year’s season when the Red Sox ended the season not as hot as they should have.  But, trust me, the Red Sox will be fine.  They just need to play like they are capable of playing.  If they do this, they are almost certain to make the playoffs.