When it comes to World Series title contenders, usually one thinks of a team with a power bat. If the Red Sox do not win this year, who can they chase?

If you take a look around the league, almost every single team that has been brought up as leading contenders to win the World Series has a power bat. The Dodgers have rookie sensation Cody Bellinger, the red hot Indians have Jose Ramirez (just recently had 5 XBH in a game). The Arizona Diamondbacks have Paul Goldschmidt, and even JD Martinez, who just on monday became the 18th player in MLB history hit four homers in a single game.

Last season, the Red Sox were one of the deadliest offenses in the entire MLB. This season, the bats would not bring fear to a raccoon. What is the difference? Oh, just one Red Sox legend, the Big Papi himself, David Ortiz. The odds of the Red Sox finding another Ortiz is extremely low, as nobody will ever reach that level again, at least for a long time.

Currently, the team leader in home runs is 33 year old Hanley Ramirez. Eventually, at least hopefully, Andrew Benintendi and Rafael Devers will lead this team in dingers. But, they are still plenty of years away from even reaching their prime. If the team wants to contend for the foreseeable future they must get a power bat now. There is only question.

Who will be available this offseason?

There are plenty of homer boppers that will be Free Agents after this season. Even with all the options that are available, the Red Sox must tread lightly. If they decide to go out and sign someone just to hit long balls, it could effect the future players of the team. For example, the hottest FA this winter will likely current Royals 3B Mike Moustakas.

Seeing as the Red Sox brought up prized prospect Rafael Devers halfway through the season they are unlikely to bring in Moose. Then again, maybe Devers can switch a new position on the field.

With all this talk about the Red Sox lately being pitching, it’s easy to over look the need for a legitimate power bat to stick in the middle of the lineup. Some may say, well it’s worked so far, why change it? Baseball changes, so the baseball teams must change along with the times. Do you have a specific power bat you would love to see the Red Sox chase? Let us know!