Photo Credit: Getty Images / Boston Herald

Can you truly say that there is an irreplaceable player on the diamond? Probably not, but for the Boston Red Sox there are a couple guys that are close to it. One of them patrols the centerfield position, and has been a valuable part of the team since his resurgence last season. For those scoring at home that guy is named Jackie Bradley Jr., and JBJ is one of the big 3 in the outfield and possibly the best defensive CF the Sox have had in years.

Bradley is an average hitter in my opinion. A career .242 hitter, Bradley has improved since he came up to the big leagues a few years ago. He had career highs in almost every statistical category that there is. His hitting is alright, but as the 9 hitter right now, he is exactly where he should be. There is more room for improvement, but he makes up for it in other places.

Take the other night in the extra inning thriller with Toronto. Bradley throws a bullet to home in extra innings to get Jose Bautista. With the game knotted at 2, Bradley throws that dime and keeps the game equal. He is arguably the best defensive centerfielder in the game. He is irreplaceable in CF, unless you’re getting Torii Hunter in his prime (that’s not ever happening). He has thrown out countless guys to keep the lead, the game in reach or tied this season, as well as his entire career. This is where you must look to Bradley in times of dire need.


Yes, his name has swirled in trades for Giancarlo Stanton, but let me ask you this. Do you get the CF play of Bradley with Stanton? No, but you get the batting power over Stanton instead of the JBJ inconsistency. I just think he’s a defensive piece that people tend to undervalue. He’s an elite centerfielder, and we must value him for that.

Think twice before you say trade JBJ. He’s a more valuable piece than you think