“Show me the money,” -Mookie Betts (probably)

Rumors splurging around that the Sox offered Mookie Betts a 5 year/$100million deal extension with the ball club but Betts declined the offer. Why would he do such a thing? Isn’t that enough money? Doesn’t he love the Red Sox? These are all questions we’re left asking ourselves, but I’m sure Mookie wants to be a Red Sox long term but the numbers aren’t right, yet.

If you remember this kind of situation happened not too long ago with Jon Lester back in 2014. The Sox initially offered Lester $70 million/ 4 year deal but then bumped it up to a $135 million/ 5 year deal where Lester still declined and joined the Chicago Cubs on a $155 million/ 6 year deal. Boston GM, Ben Cherington, said that the Red Sox offered what they felt was “the best they can do”, I agree with him. Lester was 31 at the time and he wanted to go somewhere where he’s going to get paid a lot and long term, Chicago gave him that guarantee.

This offer is disrespectful.

The AL MVP runner up from last year is still only 24 years old; currently under his rookie contract and will be through the 2020 season, then he’ll be an unrestricted free agent if no long term agreement is made between Betts and the Sox by 2021. I won’t lie but Mookie has been nothing short of a disappointment this season, not just him, this team has been underachieving if you ask me. So far this season he’s hitting .262 with a .434 slugging and .775 OPS, cranking 23 home runs, 78 RBIs and 23 stolen bases. It’s not only about the offense, either, what Betts brings to table on the defensive end is irreplaceable. We all saw what Mookie is capable about doing, so this season is a little hiccup for him and the whole team in general.

Whether you want to believe he’s worth it or not, Betts is going to get PAID and soon. I’m talking multiple of hundreds of millions over seven or eight years. I’m backing up those Brinks trucks for Mookie to keep him in a Red Sox uniform and I think you’re absolutely foolish to do otherwise.

The sooner they get this contract situation figured out, the better because if Bryce Harper, Mike Trout or Aaron Judge all get their +$350 million contracts then Mookie will be looking at Dombrowski with his eyes wide open and hands out asking for similar money.