Who is John Farrell’s Replacement?

As the Red Sox hold a somewhat uncomfortable lead in the American League East with around 20 games left, fans have been frustrated this season and in seasons past. Despite being in first and winning the division in 2016, many are thinking about a replacement.

In my opinion, the manager doesn’t have a huge impact on the game, but this team has been incredibly inconsistent – maybe signaling a necessary change.

Many people are calling for John Farrell’s head and have been critical of every move he makes. If a collapse occurs in September, it is unlikely that he remains tenured for another season. The Sox could win the World Series this year and some fans will still want a different manager.

Personally, I don’t think he gets replaced after the season regardless of what happens to them in the post season or down the stretch.

If Farrell was to be fired, let’s see who could be potential options:

  • Jason Varitek: Currently a special assistant to Dave Dombrowski, Varitek might be the most popular choice when it comes to a future managerial candidate. Although he has no coaching experience, he was praised by former managers and players of how intelligent he is. He has future manager written all over him. Whether that’s true or not is a question within itself. However, my money is on Tek taking the reigns sooner, or later once the John Farrell era is over.
  • Chili Davis: Current batting coach and has been since 2014. He is praised as one of the best hitting coaches in baseball. However, this team ranks 7th in the American league and 13th in all of baseball. Would make sense if Farrell is gone they revamp the whole staff and makes no sense to promote someone that has been a “problem” this year.
  • Mike Scoscia: Over the last several years, Scoscia has been on the hot seat with his split in ownership with analytic. I could see them making a move if Farrell is outed and the Angels get sick of Mike.

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