Photo Credit: Michael Dwyer / AP Photo

The Red Sox as of today have a 4 game lead on the Yankees for first place in the AL East. Luckily they are welcoming the Oakland Athletics to Fenway Park. One primary headline is that Edurado Nunez is out the lineup.

Nunez left Saturday’s game with a bruised knee and he was expected to return tonight after getting treatment yesterday, and Sunday. The Red Sox could really use the bat though and don’t need any injuries. Now I’m no doctor, but a bruised knee doesn’t seem to be that serious in my opinion, and he should be back soon. He’s also had back spasms too last week which I can see maybe sitting a game or two.

Since coming to the Red Sox though he’s batted .319, has 27 RBI’s, eight homeruns, 52 hits, and 22 runs. Nunez has been a great asset to this lineup and should be playing as soon as possible. Yes, the Red Sox should take care of business against the Oakland Athletics.

More news has surfaced and it is indeed more than a bruised knee. He has a strained PCL ligament and will be reevaluated soon.

It is likely that Nunez is out for the remainder of the regular season, but does that mean his posteseaon is in jeopardy as well?

We certainly hope not.