Photo Credit: Maddie Meyers / Getty Images

Larry, the little blue Twitter logo. Named after the Celtic’s own Indiana state product, Larry Bird, the emoji version of Larry must possess similar genetics of said NBA Hall of Famer, because man… did he log some serious air time yesterday. Larry was everywhere, shaming the max distance flown last season by Jon Snow’s messenger raven, and bringing sporting world tweets from his nest to ours at an exponential rate- with his headlines being real doozies. From the 2024 & 2028 summer olympics being awarded in favor of Paris and Los Angeles, respectively, to Tito’s Tribe reeling off 21 straight victories. Oh yeah, and some guy ate four extra value meals in 5 minutes, because apparently calorie consumption and heart disease are sports now too.

Unfortunately, most news is bad news. And yesterday evening, to the delight of no true New Englander, a foolish coterie of Monster Seat inhabitants dropped a cringe worthy, ambiguous, poorly thought out banner inside historic Fenway Park. Proving once again, how easily Americans misconstrue freedom of speech with freedom of insolence.

What the banner said, does not matter. Who the clique is, do not need to be recognized. What their cockamamie intent was, and how they attempted to spread their message, had the poor planning of a 1 year old trying to jam a square red block into a octagonal orifice. The focus of today, tomorrow and every day following needs to be on what you, I, and the people of America should be doing to improve the state of our communities and cities. As truly strong, indomitable individuals and families alike try to rebuild their homes, neighborhoods, and lives in the wake of Harvey and Irma, we will now succumb to the deities of the powerful media presence. Far too much time and energy will be wasted, as they publicize what’s wrong, instead of what’s right. Let Drellich, Felger, Minihane and the slew of beat writers pound this sad story into the ground. That said, this is my unofficial closing of the topic.

The Sox awoke this morning three games up on the rival New York Yankees. They’ll look to rebound after a pretty miserable loss to yesteryear’s ballyhooed Moneyballers on Wednesday night. An intriguing storyline emerged however, as Eduardo Rodriguez earned his first W in 18 weeks, permitting Oakland to cross the plate just once. But the west coasters hit Fister hard. Doug had allowed only five earned runs over his previous 30 innings, spanning four starts. This will change the narrative down the stretch a bit, as Sale and Pomeranz are the lone members of a rotation guaranteed a starting pitching job this post season. It will be interesting to see which two – between the lovable David Price, Pretty Ricky, E-Rod and The Fist- of their compatriots will accompany them to the ALDS rotation.

Our boys in red will be looking to win the rubber game of their final series vs the blazing A’s until they muster once again, next year, on April 20th. Pomeranz will start for the good guys, and attempt to tie Cleveland starters Corey Kluber, Trevor Bauer, and Sox ace Chris Sale for the A.L. lead in wins. Pom’s matched up against rookie righty Daniel Gossett, who hasn’t proven much outside of the Coliseum: 9 starts, 3 wins, and a slick 4.3 strikeout per start ratio. Comparable to what an inebriated 45 year old would manage during a company softball game.

With first pitch set for just a few hours away, let’s say we put last night’s shenanigans behind us, and get back to some hard hitting winning baseball!