So for those late to the party, the Red Sox announced that they activated David Price from the DL and that he would be used out of the bullpen. This makes me a bit sad, to be honest, due to the fact that as much as Price has been an issue for the team there isn’t a single Sox fan that would deny success he may achieve. I speak for everyone when I say that I want to see Price finally play to the level we know he’s capable of, because this team would be able to throw blows with the big boys (Cleveland, Houston, Washington & Los Angeles). But Price in the bullpen is NOT the Price I want to see.

We have a starting pitcher in our rotation right now with a record of 9-17, an ERA of 4.64 and a WHIP of 1.4. And John Farrell is trying to convince us that David Price is the one to go to the bullpen? I can’t see the logic here. There are people out there that will play the “put him in the bullpen because of his injury” but to those of you I say this: If he isn’t ready to throw with the longevity of a starting pitcher, then he isn’t healthy enough to be activated yet. Keeping Rick Porcello in the rotation and throwing our $31 million arm in the bullpen is nonsense and is going to sabotage the team, if it hasn’t enough already. Do I care that Porcello, who received an average of 7+ runs in support last year, won the Cy Young award (barely)? No. At least for this season, his time should be coming to an end. He cannot be trusted and I don’t care about the fact that Price’s stats in the postseason are less than impressive, the Sox bullpen does not need any more “help”.

So here is best case scenario for the Red Sox at this point. Porcello continues to have a horrible season, Price pitches his tail off in the bullpen and they swap roles. I’m not writing this article because I think Price is going to be amazing out of the chute and be the best pitcher on the rotation if he joined, but he would be a better pitcher than Porcello will be this season. Time will tell.