With two starts left on the 2017 slate for Sale, and possibly a third, the slender man looks tonight to put the already out of contention birds back in the broom closet where they belong. A win tonight would tie a career high for Chris, as he’s recorded 17 wins twice already with the now-hapless White Sox.

As “entertaining” as the last two nights of baseball have been, a Sale night is well warranted. The four hour double matinees are taking their toll on the Sox and fans alike. As one source referred to last night’s 0-0 tie heading to the 10th, “I could give a hoot less, it’s past my bedtime,” and those sentiments rang true through many-a-home on Tuesday night. On a lighter note, a dominant outing tonight vs. the powerful Baltimore lineup could result in Boston’s first 300 strikeout pitcher in nearly two decades.

Wade Miley, who in 33 months has somehow managed to make his way from Arizona, to Boston, then Seattle and now Baltimore, while sticking his middle finger up at the time zones of America, will look to revenge Baltimore’s back to back bonus baseball losses. Despite coming in hot with 13 losses and an ERA north of 5, the former first round selection has averaged 6 IP and 1 run in both starts against the Sox this season, resulting in a 2-0 record. The saving grace tonight may be Wellington Castillo; if the incredible baseball mind that is Buck Showalter pencils him in the lineup, Boston bats may be able to tee off, as Miley is sporting a cumbersome 6.39 ERA with Castillo behind the dish.

3 games up. 151 games down. Let’s keep our boots to the neck of New York and get this division wrapped up.