Photo From : ESPN / AP Photo

I don’t know what it is with this Red Sox team, but they sure like playing until the early morning hours, or playing past nine innings.

The Red Sox so far this season have played 18 extra innings games this season. The Red Sox are 15-3 so far this season in extra inning baseball, after beating the Orioles last night in Baltimore. The Sox like to turn the offense on while many fans are asleep, due to work, or school the following morning.

A prime example is last Friday night in Tampa when that Red Sox game in Tampa took six hours to complete. Unfortunately, it was longer than it should’ve been with Chris Sale on the mound. The Red Sox won, but the bats didn’t come alive till 1 am when again most Red Sox fans are asleep and miss what’s going on. The Red Sox won 13-6 last Friday night in Tampa in front of very few fans at Tropicana Field.

I love baseball, but six hours for a baseball game against the Tampa Bay Rays is unnecessary. The Yankees and Red Sox games are expected to take four hours every time they play anyway, but the record of 15-3 extra inning wins this season is unreal.

The inability to put teams away in nine innings is certainly concerning as the postseason rapidly approaches. Extra innings are tiring as a fan, but these players are spending all days at the field. It makes for exhausting nights and quick turnarounds the following morning.

As the Red Sox prepare to hold on to the division title, these long nights could cause for a letdown in a short turnaround, allowing the Yankees to close in on first place.

Hopefully the Red Sox do not need extra innings tonight with Chris Sale on the mound.