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Earlier this week, the Boston Red Sox clinched a playoff berth for the first time in back- to-back years since 07-09.

Despite clinching, the Sox have their eyes on a much bigger prize. Most notably they are looking to be repeat division winners for the first time ever. Oh yeah, and trying to win a World Series title.

This team has its flaws no doubt, but doesn’t mean this team still can’t make a run. So, I’ve decided to think of 5 major questions this team has or needs to be answered going in to the playoffs.

As the playoffs near, I will break down the questions below in separate articles.

  1. Who’s the four-man playoff rotation?
  2. Other than Kimbrel, who steps up in the bullpen?
  3. Can they score with RISP?
  4. Which John Farrell will show up?
  5. Who plays Papi?

Playoff Rotation:

In my opinion, it should be:

Chris Sale, Drew Pomeranz, Rick Porcello, and Eduardo Rodriguez.

  1. Sale
    How could you not go against picking the ace of the staff starting game one? He’s been the most dominant pitcher all year, albeit his recent struggles, I have the most confidence in giving Sale the ball game one. He was born to pitch in October. Despite his struggles as of late he’s the man! Nothing more to say.
  2. Pomeranz
    At the beginning of the season, I never would have pegged Pomeranz as our game two starter. Despite his immediate struggles in Boston, Drew has emerged as a stalwart for this Boston rotation. This Dombrowski trade was heavily scrutinized, but thus far, Pomeranz has been worth trading away Anderson Espinoza.
  3. Porcello
    Last year’s Cy Young. He’s been better as of late and although he isn’t as dynamic as last year, Pretty Ricky still has some juice left. Wins and losses are an overrated stat, but his K/9 is nearly identical as last year. Many fans don’t want to see Porcello touch a baseball in the postseason, but there is no chance he doesn’t make the playoff roster.
  4. Fister
    Another guy that nobody expected to make the playoff roster, let alone make it past his first two outing. Initially, I was leaning towards E-Rod, but you can make a case for Fister in the rotation. You get two lefties and two rights in the rotation. They don’t call him Big Game Doug for nothing. 4 wins and 2 losses. 2.60 ERA with 40 Ks and 16 walks. Plus, a WHIP of 1.265. Oh yeah and his K/9 is 6.5. That’s my fourth guy.