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Can I get a run scored please?

One of the biggest struggles that these Red Sox have dealt with is the inability to score with runners in scoring position, or leaving the bases loaded.

How many times in the last week can you count seeing runners at all bases with no outs and then 3 straight outs?

Can this team score in October?

This team has been maddeningly inconsistent all year. This team constantly will look like they have turned the corner and win 5 straight, then lose 3 in a row. Sure, it’s a mix of being unlucky and lack of putting the ball in play; however runs in the post season are even harder to come by. Currently, the Red Sox rank second in the league with runners left on base per game and also are last in SAC hits in all of baseball.

The Sox need to play small ball in the postseason if they find themselves strapped for runs. They have a good enough bullpen to hold a lead plus they have the speed to steal bases.

This team lacks home run power and just because it isn’t a 400 foot blast, doesn’t mean the run is any less of a run. All runs are created equal. Yes, the Sox are still top 10 in the MLB with runs scored, but as mentioned, it seems that there are games where the Sox scored 3 they could of scored 7.

Of course, the elephant in the room is that the Red Sox are the only team in baseball without a grand slam. This means we are due to receive one in the playoffs…right?

The Red Sox lineup revolves around the Killer B’s (Betts, Benintendi, Bradley Jr, Bogaerts) and they all need to step up in the post-season. There is no Big Papi in this lineup, leaving big shoes to fill for the young budding stars.

As the postseason rapidly approaches, the Red Sox will need to manage to consistently score against the likes of Justin Verlander, Dallas Keuchel, Lance McCullers, and other Astros’ bullpen arms.