These past two games have been hard for me to watch.  The Red Sox can’t seem to pitch, hit, or field.  After another loss for the Sox yesterday, most people are calling for a sweep come Sunday.  But, can you blame them for thinking that?  I mean, look at this team.

One thing sticks out to me about this Red Sox team.  They play with no heart or passion.  They act like they are playing in some regular season series that doesn’t matter right now.  They did it last year in the ALDS and they are doing it again in this series.  They just don’t act like they care.  Nothing irritates me more than a baseball team that just doesn’t care.  And the Red Sox look like one of those teams.

We can’t put all the blame on our pitchers, necessarily.  Don’t get me wrong, they are doing awful, but for us to win games, we need to hit the ball.  The Red Sox aren’t doing that.  We need guys like Mookie and Bogaerts to step up and hit.  They both haven’t been doing well in this series.  Benintendi hasn’t been hitting.  Devers is swinging at everything they throw him.  And Pedey hasn’t been hitting either.  If we want to possibly come back in this series, the lineup has to start producing.

I don’t want to be that fan that has no hope in this team and says there is no possible way they can win Sunday, but it’s hard to think different.  I will say, if they play like they have been, they have 0% chance.  But, if they can turn things around and get fired up, they have a chance of making this a series.  I’m hoping they can prove everyone wrong and make a comeback.