It happened in ’99, ’03, ’04, ’08, and ’13, all of these Red Sox teams had to come back from being down in their respective series to win, and advance.

In ’99, Pedro came out of the bullpen with the Red Sox tied in their division series to Cleveland 2-2 and pitched 6 no-hit innings to help the team advance to the Championship Series.

In ’03, it was Trot Nixon hitting a walk-off homer off of Oakland A’s pitcher, Rich Harden, to help that team advance once again to the championship series only to fall to the Yankees in 7 games.

In 2004, Dave Roberts steal of second base started the greatest comeback in MLB history. As Kevin Millar said, “Don’t let us win tonight.” This comeback led to the Red Sox finally breaking the 86 year old curse and winning the World Series.


Now, in 2017, the Red Sox defeated the Astros behind a fantastic effort from David Price. Hanley Ramirez also broke out and Jackie Bradley sealed it with a three run shot to right field.

Will we look back on this year, as David Price sparking the Red Sox to a comeback win? The first of many postseason bombs for Rafael Devers?

All we know is that the Astros did indeed let us win today, they better not let us win tomorrow.

Go Sox.