Put the pitch forks down.

Woah, wait. I thought this was a Red Sox blog? I’m sure many readers will get confused by the intial title, but bare with me Sox fans.

Born in New England, I have been a life-long Red Sox fan. I remember in 2003, heading to bed crying after watching Aaron Boone send a Tim Wakefield knuckleball into the October night. When crying to my dad, he simply said, “Welcome to being a Red Sox fan son.” Comforting, I know.

Since 2003, the tides have turned in the AL East. The Red Sox have since won three World Series titles and the Yankees have been swamped by poor contracts and elder statesmen. Now, with Mark Texeira, Alex Rodriguez, Jorge Posada, Derek Jeter, and Mariano Rivera all out of the Bronx, there is a new wave of talent in town.

Believe it, or not, Red Sox fans – this is a good thing for baseball.

Yes, New York Yankee fans are among the most annoying fanbases in any sport, but I have longed for the rivalry to be renewed in the AL East.

Alex Rodriguez, notoriously punched in the face by Tek, was a guy that Red Sox fans loved to hate. He was pompous, arrogant, irritating, and a very good baseball player. For years, that villain role has been empty in New York. Who were we supposed to hate? Brett Gardner? Even Jacoby Ellsbury has become a laughing stock in the Bronx, but the void has been filled.

Aaron Judge, as good as he is, is not a villain. Sure, Red Sox fans despise him for likely winning the 2017 AL Rookie of the Year and setting a rookie record for homeruns. However, he has not done anything worth hating.

Enter Gary Sanchez.


Ah yes, the man that took cheap shots at Miguel Cabrera. The Yankees catcher drives Red Sox fans insane. Whether it be his irritating smirk, cocky behavior, or the fact that he hits baseballs very far, but Sanchez is the villain we have been waiting for.

Gary Sanchez will be in New York for a long time, and I can assure you, that Red Sox fans will rain boo’s down on the young catcher. Pair him with large personalies such as Aroldis Chapman, Luis Severino, Todd Frazier, or even Clint Frazier and the rivalry will be renewed.

In 2017, the playing field was evened in terms of talent, but anticipate a spark between these teams next year.

Red Sox fans are yearning for the day when the benches will clear between the two hated rivals, and I have a feeling, Gary Sanchez and company will be in the middle of it.

Until then, let’s unite and cheer for a Cleveland Indians win in Game 5.