Well, the season is over.  It certainly didn’t end like we all wanted to, but there are some things we can look forward to this off-season.

Yesterday’s game was a tough loss.  It hurt.  We were so close to making the series go another game.  The umpires screwed us in the 2nd inning.  You can make the argument that if a couple calls went our way, we would have won the game.  Maybe we would have won if Sale came out before the 8th inning.   Who knows?  We were that close.

There are plenty of things Sox fans can look forward to this off-season.  The hiring of a new manager and acquisitions of a couple of big-name guys are some things to look forward to.  Most Sox fans want Farrell gone.  He probably will be gone before the season starts but, maybe they stick with him one more year and don’t re-sign him to another contract.

One thing that is obvious that the Red Sox need to do is get a couple of power hitters.  Giancarlo Stanton, Eric Hosmer, and J.D. Martinez are some of the most notable players that teams will try to go after.  The Red Sox will be in the same boat as they were this year if they don’t get a power hitter.

The Sox could also use a starting pitcher or two come next season.  The rotation right now is too top-heavy.  After Sale and Pomeranz, you don’t have anybody you can put a whole lot of trust in.  If they can go get a decent starter or two, that would be great.

The Red Sox could do a lot this off-season.  If they don’t do anything, they’ll be in some trouble come next season.  Let’s hope Dombrowski can get it done.

We can all start counting down the days until Spring Traning now that the season is over.  The depression of no Red Sox baseball is starting to set in for me.  I hate it.  I am going to guess I’m not the only one.  This season was fun and I will never forget it, but I am hoping next season the Sox will end it in a way that won’t leave me like this.  Here’s to the 2018 season.