Well, there it is Red Sox fans.

For months, a large majority of the fan base has clamored for John Farrell to be removed as acting manager. His biggest problem: he lost his clubhouse.

It was clearly evident that David Ortiz had control of the Red Sox clubhouse until his retirement last year. This season, it was apparent that the Red Sox had no true leader and that included Farrell.

Despite winning the division that past two seasons, the Red Sox heavily under-performed and have only won a single postseason game since winning the World Series in 2013.

A culture change was needed and Dave Dombrowski made the decision.

The search for a new manager will begin immediately and we will weigh in shortly with our potential replacements as acting manager for the Boston Red Sox.

Thus, farewell Manager John.

We will not miss your head scratching lineups, or the brainless moves to the bullpen.

On a serious note, thank you for 2013, or should I thank David Ortiz…