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Picking up where I left off with my last article (and part 1 of my free agency primer) that you can read here if you haven’t done so already, I am going to make a case for popular free agents that should not be added to the Red Sox team this winter.

1. J.D. Martinez: Let’s get this one out of the way early. Everyone and their mother is going nuts about signing J.D. Martinez, and rightfully so. He is arguably the best bat available on the free agent market. And every single offseason, fans for teams that have offensive woes will lick their chops about the best free agent hitter.

I, however, am not sold on Martinez. In his only full season (2015) he compiled a slash line of .282/.344/.535 with 38 home runs and 102 RBIs. Every other season, he has had respectable numbers, but some could say they were inflated due to a smaller than usual sample size (only played 120+ games 3 out of 7 seasons) and even THEN, they are not worth the money Martinez is going to ask for when it is time to sign a contract.

He is 30, so he will be looking to most likely sign a 5-7 year contract that is worth his time and I just do not believe he is the answer to a lineup that is struggling to find a powerful and fearing force at the plate like the Sox once had in David Ortiz. To sum Martinez up: he is too injury prone, he is not worth the trouble to disrupt one of baseball’s best outfields, and his numbers are not worth the trouble. Moving on…

2. Logan Morrison: I realize that the Red Sox will have their troubles finding a steady first baseman coming sooner rather than later, but to be clear, if the Red Sox do anything this offseason, it should NOT be signing this guy. He is basically another version of J.D. Martinez, except not as proven given his past stats.

Frankly, I’d rather see Sam Travis get the everyday nod at first rather than Morrison. Sure, he hit 38 home runs in 2017 and he also had an OPS of .868 but he struck out 149 times and had a batting average of .246. No thank you.

3. Lucas Duda: No…. Just no.

4. Jose Bautista: He basically played a full season in 2017 (157 games) and hit .203 with 23 homers. I’m surprised he hasn’t announced retirement yet.

5. Mike Napoli: I have seen the Tweets about people gawking over the idea of “Party at Napoli’s” returning to Boston, but I will take a hard pass on that reunion. He’s 35, missed 40 games in 2017 and in those 124 games he couldn’t even compile a batting average over .200. He also struck out 163 times and 194 times in 2016.

I believe I speak for all Sox fans when I say we are forever grateful for what he gave us during his time with the team, but I for one, do not want to see him back. This is a little bit like the David Ortiz syndrome. The Red Sox need to win with new players, not have mini reunions with old and once great players.

6. Mike Moustakas: A few things to note here: Moose has not had a season with 22+ home runs until this year, he has only achieved a season of batting over .280 once in his career, and until I see Rafael Devers absolutely implode for the team, I do not want to see anyone else man the hot corner.

Of course, there are a lot of other players who I would not want to see play for the Sox other than the ones mentioned. I just don’t see it happening with these guys and I would not mind if they went to other competitive clubs.