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It’s ironic that the man who helped “steal” the Red Sox their first World Series championship in 86 years, and the man who will become the next manager of the Red Sox, will do battle in the World Series.

Dave Roberts currently the manager of the LA Dodgers will be facing the Houston Astros whose bench coach, Alex Cora was just announced as the next manager of the Red Sox.

When Roberts took over the Dodgers in 2016, after the dismissal of manager Don Mattingly, he was hired without any prior managerial experience. In an article by Alex Speier of the Boston Globe, he points out that it was Roberts ability to connect with players while not being afraid to discipline a player if needed. The Dodgers’ Vice President of Amateur and International Scouting, David Finley (formally of the Red Sox) said this about Roberts, ”

 “He’s a player’s manager. He can be tough on the players, as well. The culture he builds in the clubhouse, the chemistry was noticeable from the beginning. You could tell that would be the case in the interview process.

There was no doubt he was going to be able to manage people, just because of his personality. Not having manager experience, I think he’d managed a part of the clubhouse for so long it didn’t matter.”

Finley continued by saying,

“Roberts’s attributes — energy, authenticity, a natural ability to forge strong relationships, someone who’d become a team leader during a long big league career as a supporting cast member rather than a roster centerpiece, experience as a bench coach — encompasses a number of traits (and résumé lines) that are similar to Alex Cora.

The next manager of the Boston Red Sox has more in common with the Dodgers’ manager, than just being former members of the same team. Alex Cora exhibits similar character traits to a manager that has had a great deal of early success.

If the Cora any comparable success to Dave Roberts, the Red Sox will have found a man that they can count on.