As the Major League season has concluded, it is time to predict the winner for each major award.

The Sox Sphere staff will weigh in and give their own opinions.


Cody’s Pick – Jose Altuve

Matt’s Pick – Jose Altuve

Dom’s Pick – Jose Altuve

Gerard’s Pick – Jose Altuve

Gabe’s Pick – Jose Altuve

Justin’s Pick – Jose Altuve

Jack’s Pick – Jose Altuve

The staff agreed unanimously here. Aaron Judge could be a candidate, but it would be hard to see anyone other than Altuve winning this award.


Cody’s Pick – Nolan Arenado

Matt’s Pick – Nolan Arenado

Dom’s Pick – Nolan Arenado

Gerard’s Pick – Giancarlo Stanton

Gabe’s Pick – Nolan Arenado

Justin’s Pick – Giancarlo Stanton

Jack’s Pick – Charlie Blackmon

The jury was out a little here. Stanton had a phenomenal year, almost reaching 60 homeruns, but the staff gives Nolan Arenado the edge.

 AL Cy Young Winner:

Cody’s Pick – Corey Kluber

Matt’s Pick – Corey Kluber

Dom’s Pick – Corey Kluber

Gerard’s Pick – Chris Sale

Gabe’s Pick – Chris Sale

Justin’s Pick – Corey Kluber

Jack’s Pick – Chris Sale

A little bit of a split here, but it appears that the staff has given the edge to the Indians’ ace. Chris Sale undoubtedly had a fantastic year, eclipsing 300 strikeouts, but perhaps struggling down the stretch will result in a win for Corey Kluber.

NL Cy Young Winner:

Cody’s Pick – Max Scherzer

Matt’s Pick – Clayton Kershaw

Dom’s Pick – Max Scherzer

Gerard’s Pick – Clayton Kershaw

Gabe’s Pick – Clayton Kershaw

Justin’s Pick – Clayton Kershaw

Jack’s Pick – Clayton Kershaw

The staff gives the edge to the Dodgers ace that is looking to deliver for his team in the World Series. Both Kershaw and Scherzer had excellent seasons, but our staff has chosen Kershaw due to his dominance in the postseason.

AL Reliever of the Year:

Cody’s Pick – Craig Kimbrel

Matt’s Pick – Craig Kimbrel

Dom’s Pick – Craig Kimbrel

Gerard’s Pick – Craig Kimbrel

Gabe’s Pick – Craig Kimbrel

Justin’s Pick – Craig Kimbrel

Jack’s Pick – Craig Kimbrel

This award was actually just announced recently, but our staff completely agreed on the fact that Dirty Craig was the best American League reliever this season.

 NL Reliever of the Year:

Cody’s Pick – Kenley Jansen

Matt’s Pick – Kenley Jansen

Dom’s Pick – Kenley Jansen

Gerard’s Pick – Kenley Jansen

Gabe’s Pick – Kenley Jansen

Justin’s Pick – Kenley Jansen

Jack’s Pick – Kenley Jansen

Another award that has already been given out, but again, our staff completely agreed that Jansen should win – and he did.

AL Rookie of the Year:

Cody’s Pick – Aaron Judge

Matt’s Pick – Aaron Judge

Dom’s Pick – Aaron Judge

Gerard’s Pick – Aaron Judge

Gabe’s Pick – Aaron Judge

Justin’s Pick – Aaron Judge

Jack’s Pick – Aaron Judge

Gross. Tip your hat to the Yankees rookie for outperforming the preseason expectations and ousting our own Andrew Benintendi in this race.

 NL Rookie of the Year:

Cody’s Pick – Cody Bellinger

Matt’s Pick – Cody Bellinger

Dom’s Pick – Cody Bellinger

Gerard’s Pick – Cody Bellinger

Gabe’s Pick – Cody Bellinger

Justin’s Pick – Cody Bellinger

Jack’s Pick – Cody Bellinger

This one should be a no-brainer. Bellinger was everything that the Dodgers could have hoped for and powered them to a division title – and World Series birth.

 AL Manager of the Year:

Cody’s Pick – AJ Hinch

Matt’s Pick – Joe Girardi

Dom’s Pick – Terry Francona

Gerard’s Pick – Joe Girardi

Gabe’s Pick – Terry Francona

Justin’s Pick – Joe Girardi

Jack’s Pick – Terry Francona

This award was a bit of a mixed bag. It appears that the staff has given the edge to former Sox manager, Terry Francona, but there are many other deserving candidates.

I’m surprised nobody picked John Farrell…

 NL Manager of the Year:

Cody’s Pick – Torey Lovullo

Matt’s Pick – Dave Roberts

Dom’s Pick – Torey Lovullo

Gerard’s Pick – Torey Lovullo

Gabe’s Pick – Dave Roberts

Justin’s Pick – Dave Roberts

Jack’s Pick – Torey Lovullo

The final award was pretty well split, but the edge went to the 2016 Red Sox bench coach – Torey Lovullo. He exceeded every possible expectation in Arizona and led them to an NLDS birth. Dave Roberts has had an outstanding season and winning the World Series could easily give him the win here.

Stay tuned to see who comes home with these awards and comment who you think should win!