Alex Bregman has had a breakout season in Houston, and the postseason is no different. However, the budding star very nearly could have been a member of the Boston Red Sox.

It was June of 2012 and Bregman had undergone a difficult season as a senior at his high school in New Mexico which included a broken hand. His draft stock dropped and the Red Sox pounced on him, selecting him in the 29th round.

However, Bregman chose not to sign with Boston and went to LSU, becoming one of the top players in the country.

He was then selected as the number two overall pick by the Astros in 2015.

Friendship with Blake Swihart

In 2011, the Red Sox were in a fact-gathering stage of collecting information on potential prospects they may draft in the upcoming draft. One of the most talked about players was a high school player from New Mexico – Blake Swihart.

“It was clear that Blake was the best player in the state of New Mexico, said a scout that to the Boston Globe’s Alex Speier. 

Interesting enough, one of Swihart’s teammates, Alex Bregman caught the eye of the same scout. As previously mentioned, this led to him being selected by the Red Sox.

The future Astros’ third baseman passed up the opportunity to play with Swihart, one of his best friends.

Red Sox fans can only imagine what it would look like with the combination of Alex Bregman and a healthy Blake Swihart.