Photo Credit: Boston Herald

The third installment of my Free Agency article campaign involves three players who the Red Sox should re sign. (Parts one and two of my past free agency articles can be found here.)

The Red Sox have an idea of who most of their starters are going to be and will either fill the void at first base by shopping for a free agent or, the less likely of the two, promoting Sam Travis full time.

I make my case for the following three players to resign with the Red Sox in order to establish continuity and stability within the clubhouse.

1. Addison Reed:

The perplexing and complicated story of Addison Reed’s time with the Red Sox is a typical case of uncertainty. He had a great season with the Mets  (2.56 ERA, 1.1 WHIP) before he was traded to the Sox in exchange for Gerson Bautista, Jaime Callahan and Stephen Nogosek.

When he came over from New York, however, things weren’t so similar.


He was not quite the pitcher Sox fans had hoped he was although he did not put up bad numbers (3.33 ERA, .92 WHIP).

Here’s my case: Deep bullpens are going to be as important as ever before especially with offenses putting up record numbers in a league that is 148 years old. Reed is going to be a key factor in providing adequate depth which is something the Red Sox bullpen yearns for.

2. Chris Young: 

I may be the only person in the world that actually likes Chris Young a lot. Maybe not as a starter, but definitely as a substitute or as a fill in player.

Young’s stats as a starter are not ideal (.227/.308/.391) however, when he played as a substitute in 2017, he slashed .333/.478/.333. Again, the key to the Sox having any sort of success in 2018 is going to come down to how their depth stacks up against the other big teams in the league.

I believe that Young can help provide that at least for another year for a cheap price.

3. Eduardo Nunez: 

This, for me, is a must sign.

Nunez, since coming to the Sox, slashed .321/.353/.539 while compiling 27 RBIs in 38 games. He is also known for being an above average (some could even say great) base stealer. A few key selling points here: Career BA with RISP: .296, a .315 BA in Fenway and compiled 40 stolen bases in 2016.

Now, Dustin Pedroia is going to be out until May, I don’t trust the likes of Hernandez / Lin / Marrero, and Mookie Betts’ days playing second are over. So I am having a hard time thinking about why Nunez would not be the obvious fix until Pedroia is back.

If Nunez can stay healthy, he can put up some serious numbers.

Stay tuned for the fourth and final part of my free agency primer.