Photo Credit: Boston Herald

According to Dave Dombrowski, the Red Sox will not be under the type of restraint that they were under last season.

The Sox stayed under Major League Baseball’s competitive balance tax threshold of $195 last season, which resets (and lessons) the penalties for exceeding the limit of $197 million for this coming season.

When Dombrowski was speaking to the media, following the introduction of Alex Cora, he was asked if he expects the Red Sox to stay under the collective balance tax like they did last season. He responded with a definite, “No.”

As Cuba Gooding Jr, famously said in Jerry Maguire, “Show me the Money.”

That statement, along with the John Henry opening up the checkbook, could allow Dombrowski free to spend money this offseason.

In this year’s free agent market, JD Martinez and Eric Hosmer are two of the top power hitters that could be of interest to Dombrowski. Both sluggers are represented by Scott Boras and could be looking at multi-year deals between 4-5 years and totaling between 100 and 140 million each.

With the obvious need for power, the Red Sox are clearly looking to explore the free agent market. Will Hosmer, or JD Martinez sport a Sox jersey next season?

That remains to be seen; however, one thing is certain.

There are free agents that Dave Dombrowski will “show the money” to.