Following up on an earlier column, I wrote at the time that it was rumored that Tony La Russa was going to be stepping down from his position and could join the Red Sox in an executive advisory position.

Recently, the rumor became reality when La Russa agreed to join his friend, and Red Sox president of Baseball Operations, Dave Dombrowski as a new Special Assistant.

La Russa and Dombrowski first met when both were with the Chicago White Sox. Dombrowski was working as the Farm Director, while La Russa was in his first managerial position. Though both were fired entering the 1986 season, the relationship / friendship has stayed strong over the years.

Speaking to the Boston Media, La Russa said,

“Dave and I go way back,” said La Russa. “We talked about being on the same team a number of times, just never worked out. I’m excited to be finally with Dave again, and with the Red Sox.”

The Red Sox hope that by adding La Russa it will give new manager, Alex Cora, another resource when needing to gain perspective, or advice. The Hall of Fame manager has made it clear that he will stay away from the spotlight, but that he will be available whenever Cora needs him.

La Russa managed a total of thirty-three years and was a three-time World Series champion.

He ranks third with 2,728 on the All-Time Wins list behind only John McGraw and Connie Mack.

Welcome to Boston, Mr. La Russa.