Every off-season there are small moves for each organization that can be made. One major avenue is the Rule 5 Draft.

This draft is a little known commodity, but should be explained to baseball fans.

Selection Rules:

1. Any team that has a spot open on their 40 man roster may select a player. The players available are a player that has spent at least 4 years on the Major League club and is not on the 40 man roster.

To be eligible for selection, a player must:

1. Either have spent four seasons in professional baseball after signing at age 19 or older.

2. Spent five seasons in pro ball after signing at 18 or younger (as of June 5 of that year).

In other words, this year’s Rule 5 Draft mostly will affect unprotected players who were international signings, or draft picks out of high school in 2012, as well as college players who were drafted in 2013.

There are two portions to the draft. One is the MLB portion of the draft where teams can draft from unprotected players off of other teams Minor League rosters. The selecting team must keep those players on their active roster for the entire season, or offer them back to the team they originally were part of.

The Minor League portion of the draft follows the same model as it’s MLB brethren, but the players selected during this phase are usually from the lower levels of the Minor Leagues.

Players like Roberto Clemente, Hack Wilson, and more recently, Josh Hamilton, José Bautista, Johan Santana, Shane Victorino, Dan Uggla were selected in the draft.

This coming Monday is the day where the Red Sox need to add players that they would like to protect from getting drafted by other teams. The following players are possibilities to be added to the 40 man roster.

Name:  Position:  Level

Jalen Beeks  LHP      AAA

Kyle Martin  RHP      AAA

Jeremy Barfield  OF  AAA

Danny Mars       OF   AAA

This leaves former high round draft picks Trey Ball and Teddy Stankiewicz left unprotected and eligible to be selected by other teams.

In addition, former top prospect Henry Owens, could be added to this list if the Red Sox were to remove him from the 40 man roster.

For more information regarding these players, feel free to check out:

www. SoxProspects.com