Buster Olney of ESPN reportedly, expects that commissioner Rob Manfred will implement a 20-second pitch clock for the 2018 season.

The MLBPA has been reluctant to agree to the use of the pitch clock; however Manfred may implement the pitch clock with, or without the approval of the players’ association.

Now with that being said, the hope is that the Players Association will be willing to negotiate and come to an agreement on the pitch clock and other pace of play rules for the 2018 season, prior to having Manfred having to enforce the new rules.

Many baseball purists may balk at the idea of adding a pitch clock at the Major League level; however it could bring an interesting aspect to the game.

Far too often you will see pitchers who take their time in between pitches, garnering the label of a “Human Rain Delay.” With the introduction of the pitch clock, it will eliminate the constant slow deliveries.

Take Pedro Baez for example. The Dodgers reliever is notorious for being slow to the plate. In this image, you can see that he took over 30 seconds to deliver a pitch – far too long.

The idea is that when the pitcher takes longer than 20 seconds, it will be an automatic ball. With the strict penalty, Commissioner Manfred hopes the game will speed up.

Though it has been tested extensively in the Minor Leagues, it will be interesting to see if it does make its way to the Big Leagues.