With all the news being centered around Shoehi Otani there could be another Japanese pitcher that could be of potential intrigue to the Red Sox: Kazuhisa Makita.

Makita has quietly been a source of consistency for the Seibu Lions, both as a starter and a reliever.

In his latest season, Makita pitched strictly in relief and was the Lions bullpen ace, garnering a stat line of:

58 games / 62.2 IP / 2.30 ERA / 35 K / 5 BB

The interesting thing about Makita is that he is a submarine pitcher who relies more on weak contact and ground balls rather than strikeouts.

He throws a fastball that can be anywhere from low to mid 80’s along with a slider, which is very similar to former Red Sox pitcher, Chad Bradford.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-FkVOOEQLOw]

Makita is 33 which makes him a free agent and can sign with any MLB team.

With the Red Sox having one of the best bullpens in the American League last year, a player like Makita could provide some value.