Boston Media Sets Cora Up for Failure

Evan Drellich, of NBC Boston, recently reported that Red Sox manager, Alex Cora had an outburst on a team bus during his tenure with the Houston Astros.

The brief report detailed the situation in which Cora had a run-in with a member of the Houston organization.

The reality? The Houston Astros never mentioned the situation, forgiving Cora and recognizing that it was a moment of weakness.

The sad point is that this a continuation of the toxicity that exists within the Boston media – especially in regards to the Red Sox. Drellich is the same reporter that was the brunt of David Price’s expletive-filled tirade that drew a heavy amount of scrutiny.

Red Sox fans should not worry about this incident in the least bit. Alex Cora drew praise from former managers, colleagues, and players and cited his high character. If the incident occurred months ago, drew zero criticism from Astros’ media, why bring this up?

Similarly, Cora was the hire that a large portion of the fan base had clamored for upon John Farrell’s termination. Red Sox fans have embraced the new manager with open arms, so naturally, the Boston media attempts to discredit his reputation.

Typically, there is a need to avoid blasting individuals; however, the recurring issue of unnecessary scrutiny and Evan Drellich seem to be in the same sentence.

In no other market had David Price ever been involved in continual spats with the media, yet within his first two seasons in Boston he has experienced multiple run-ins with the same reporter.

Many have chastised Price for his outbursts, which are warranted, but there is a common theme that is appearing – the Boston reporting and media.

Analysts and beat reporters have a duty to report facts and Cora’s incident is indeed of that sort – however, why set up a young manager to fail, or upset fans?

Come on Boston media – be better and show support to a man that is coming to Boston to win a World Series.

The man hasn’t even coached a game and is already experiencing unnecessary fire and criticism.


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2 thoughts on “Boston Media Sets Cora Up for Failure

  1. I could give a shit about media speculation, which comprises like 90% of what gets published. Fuck those guys. They just write anything that’ll get attention regardless of its actual merit. Some of them aren’t even literate.

    I might come back & delete this comment when I sober up. But in vino veritas!

    1. Hey Lauren – thanks for leaving a comment! That’s really what I was trying to get at here. I’d rather see Cora do his thing than take backlash before the season even starts.

      Thanks for reading!

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