Before I went to bed last night I saw that the talks between the Yankees and Miami were heating up so I decided to go to bed thinking it was just foolery being discussed. Well it happened at 7:51 AM this morning while I was enjoying my precious sleep…

The full details of the trade have yet to be disclosed, but the Yankees have acquired the NL MVP.

Not even a week ago, Yankee and Red Sox fans alike were losing their collective minds because Shohei Otani ruled them out of contention to sign him.

Brian Cashman casually responded by trading for the reigning NL MVP that blasted nearly 60 home runs. Miami was willing to send him to St. Louis, or San Francisco, but Stanton denied those two offers.

It is very likely that the Yankees gave up a few mid-level prospects, in addition to Starlin Castro.

Was this checkmate by Cashman and the Yankees? Maybe.

One thing is for certain – you never know what Dave Dombrowski will do.

Will the Red Sox counter with JD Martinez, Eric Hosmer, and Alex Cobb? Will the Red Sox add the Orioles 3B – Manny Machado?

The Red Sox will certainly need to counter the massive power influx that the Yankees lineup will soon experience and it should be an interesting start to the Winter Meetings.