Well, in case you missed it, the Yankees traded for Giancarlo Stanton for basically nothing.  Evidently, Derek Jeter still thinks he is apart of the Yankees organization.  Now that this trade has happened, the Red Sox have to do something to respond.

This morning, ESPN’s Scott Lauber reported that the Red Sox have expressed interest in Chicago Cubs’ outfielder, Kyle Schwarber.  The Red Sox believe Schwarber could be a strong asset to them at the DH position.

This past season for Kyle Schwarber was considered a down year, but still managed to hit 30 home runs.  Lauber reported that a trade for Schwarber would be a long-shot considering Schwarber is a favorite of Cubs president, Theo Epstein.

The Cubs outfielder would fit in more at the DH position with an American League team considering Schwarber’s defensive troubles.   He is a very strong hitter and could help any AL team out at DH.

The Cubs value Schwarber greatly and will value him more than any other team that is interested in him will.  Schwarber has a ton of potential and will, more than likely, be one of the MLB’s best hitters in the future.

Kyle Schwarber has been a personal favorite of mine ever since he was playing college ball at Indiana.  I would love him on the Red Sox, but I do worry about what we would have to give up to get him.

My guess is that we will here a lot of these kind of reports this week since it is Winter Meetings week.

I am glad that Dave Dombrowski is shopping around and looking at possible trade targets for the team.  The Red Sox can’t just come back next season with the same team and expect to beat the Yankees.  We are going to have to answer and make a big move.

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